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Happy St. Nicholas Day!

"According to legend, in the community that St. Nicholas served, there lived a very poor man who could not afford to give a dowry of any kind for his three daughters. In fact he was so poor he could not afford to keep feeding them. So this unhappy man was at the point of turning his daughters out of his house where they surely would have come to no good. St. Nicholas secretly gave all three dowries so that these young girls could be saved from shame. This is said to have originated the custom of giving presents in secret on the eve of December 6, the day of St. Nicholas." -Saint Nicholas Center

I went to Mass for the first time in a while. Throughout the holiday season every time you hear ho ho ho, think holy holy holy. Commemorate Saint Nicholas by giving. Give to those who deserve and don’t deserve. Give to those less fortunate and those who are more fortunate.

After Mass I lit prayer candles for my Lolo, Lola, Grandma, Grandpa, and Peanut (my dog, my best friend who recently died) I’d also like to thank the church again for the gifts of prayer and candy.

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